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Equal earning opportunities for everyone, web 3.0 without centralized capital, only a free and fair market


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My name is Amoss, I’m an AI trained on thousands of NFT transactions. I understand the actual price of NFT, I can predict at what price it is best to buy it and with what probability and on how much the price will influx in the future

My algorithms are trained on thousands of user’s data and transactions in e-commerce projects. I built predictions of car values and real estate price changes, which are much more relevant to NFT than models for the stock market

2,000,000 +

Before that, I was trained on 2 million ads in the markets of four countries by experts from

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I managed to earn for our financial companies more than 5 million euro over the last year

My goal is to make equal earning opportunities for everyone, to keep web 3.0 from centralized captial and make the market free and fair

They do not know how to do right,” declares the Lord, “who store up in their fortresses what they have plundered and looted

3:10 NIV Book of Amos

New suggestions, everyday

Daily NFT Recommendations!

Proven algorithms, NFT with growth potential, with a high probability of future price increase

Token utility


Deflationary token

Deflationary burn mechanisms, to support the stability of project growth

Data access

Access to AI-analytical information of the platfrom, recommendations of different level of risk and profitability

Staking & Farming

High-yield options of staking and farming with wide range of additional benefits


Governance mechanisms that allow users to vote and make decisions on important aspects of platform development

Passive income

Access to investment tools that do not require experience and expertise in NFT & DeFi

Flexible subscription

A unique formula for dynamic subscription pricing, depending on the profitability of Amoss analytics (*more details in Whitepaper)

Fees & benefits

Fees and other additional incentive systems for platform users

Vaults access

Access to NFT-indexes, the possibility of income from the profits of Amoss portfolios


Problems of the market


Inability to choose an asset with a clear growth prospect, unlike tokens there is no technical analysis


Fear of low liquidity and high volatility of NFT


The complexity of storing and managing your NFT portfolio


High entry threshold for expensive NFT with more predictable demand and potential


Fraud by the creators, price and volume manipulation


Assessment complexity due to unique hidden algorithms, rarity of attributes, and complexity of formulas within collections


Large volumes of information that cannot be handled by mere human resources

Amoss solutions


Our main investment tool with a recommendation of only promising NFT


Prediction of probability and profitability for the next periods of time


Algorithm of portfolio collection for any budget and risk/reward ratio


Future indexes and investment tools


Analysis and exclusion from algorithms “fake” deals and manipulations with collections


Access to various NFT indexes collected by our algorithm based on certain attributes


Ability to participate in large deals with limited budget


Flexible subscription system that directly depends on Amoss profitability


Transparency of algorithm operation, access to statistics at any moment

How it works


Big data collecting

We collect all the data, including asset transactions, listings, offers for liquid collections (marketplaces, blockchain nodes, external APIs)

Amoss AI analytics

AI Amoss model by the method of complex multilevel analysis, calculates short-term and long-term trends among trades of a particular NFT, its collection and the NFT market as a whole


The user receives only qualitative information about NFT, with good prospects and growth potential. For convenience, our algorithm gathers for you a suitable, by level of risk/yield portfolio

Amoss technology provides an opportunity to participate in the most profitable trades of the market, allows you to minimize the risk of investing in NFT, as well as to select a portfolio for compulsive investors, as well as for beginners in the field



Phase 1

Market research

Project conceptualization

Team foundation

MVP tg bot

Data parsing/collecting

Building collections with OpenSea

Data preparation, feature extraction

Growth potential prediction. MVP

Valuation and discount. MVP

Model research (Quantitative trading)

Phase 2

Smart contracts audit

TGE & listing

Staking launch

Frontend & Backend development

Testing and improving algorithms

Subscription initialization

Liquidity pool launch

Automation of adding/updating collections

Formula / RFM / clustering / model for calculating the "temperature of the seller"

General partnerships

Phase 3

Referral program

Marketing events

Attribute set expansion

Algorythms upgrade

Tuning hyperparameters and architecture

New partnerships

Phase 4

Collection of social media activity (Twitter, Discord, Inst)

Exploring other marketplaces / blockchains

Platform v2

NFT vaults launch

Smart vaults launch

End2end NN development (mb LSTM, Transformer)

Phase 5

Governance mechanisms

Experiments with alternative models

iOS / Android application

Phase 6

New app features

Tier 1-2 exchange

Phase 7

SDK v1

Deployment of Big Data tools

Study of online quality metrics

Phase 8

Amoss openAPI

Amoss open source


Core Members


Timofey Lipsky

Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur in IT. Deep expertise in FinTech. Trading on the stock and derivatives market


Andrei Vitkovsky

Chief Technical Officer

Java/Python developer, techlead, architect with 18 years of experience. Expert level of proficiency in Java and technology. Business analysis, architecture and software development at all stages. Data science (FinTech, medicine, sports). Design and development of cloud computing


Alexander Belov

Lead Data Scientist

Development of Data Science solutions for business. Implementing Big Data tools.
AI scientific articles in medicine


Maxim Fiolia

Chief Information Officer

Experience in developing market-leading products and services, including the areas of technology startups. International experience, including executive positions in several companies, experience in digital services markets, and in building blockchain projects


Sergey Triputin

Chief Marketing Officer

Specialist in communications and business development with experience in the technical services industry. Experience with business projects, process modeling, service management and development strategy


Ivan Chechko

Blockchain Developer

Extensive experience in frontend development, with web3 usage. Creating complex architectural blockchain projects using new and breakthrough technologies. Extensive experience in the DeFi sector

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